Word given on June 4, 2023  (allowed to be released on 8/8/23)

I heard the footsteps of lost souls.  The Lord said, "Do you hear them drawing near?  You should - you know their names. The hour has come for the call to go out to those who have gone their own way.  Time is short for man, but I am already making a straight path toward Me for those whose names you know," says the Lord.

"The hand of the Lord will be great upon this land.  But it will be fierce upon His house."

Word given on March 2, 2023 for WOL Church

"The cast aside scroll I have filled with My word," says the Lord, "Has been thrown into the waters hoping to be forgotten.  But I will cause My scroll to be carried down stream to be lifted from the waters and read aloud for the people to hear."

Word given on February 2, 2023 - Pastor Stephen Wells

"The pressing upon your heart and mind is but for a short hour," says the Lord.  "Soon a new hour will come with relief, with justice, and with the answers you've been searching for." So says the Lord.

Word given on October 2, 2022 - Pastor Stephen Wells

"The coming change that is soon to be revealed is more than imagined by most," says the Lord.  "And many weak hearts will melt away in fear, but take heart, O righteous ones, for you have already been warned and redeemed.  Remember, I have a plan at work to lead you into a greater hope and future than what the lost Gentiles can make for themselves."

Word given on October 2, 2022 as a follow up concerning Well of Life.

"The clock is ticking on what I am doing with this new small house of Mine," says the Lord.  "You may not see it but you have more than enough to fulfill the plans I have for you, and what I will do among you."

Word given on June 6, 2022 - Pastor Stephen Wells

"Know this, says the Lord, you are even now called to be witnesses before others of the great changes I am sending upon the nations.  Those living in darkness will rail against the sound of My voice in you.  But listen to Me and I will give you words to speak - speak them that you may gain life above all that is coming before you."

Word given on April 6, 2022 - Pastor Stephen Wells

"Look, says the Lord, There is but one shoulder to lean on to your left and but one shoulder to your right that you are able to lean on.  Do not be dismayed, says the Lord.  For look up, and before you - there I AM.  Your way is changing and I AM the change itself.  Be ready, says the Lord, for what you have suffered will end and what has been planned will be yours to live out."

Prophetic word given 12/14/21 by Pastor Karen Wells

"This is a season where the thief is found out and where fraud and deceit are exposed.  It shall sweep through God's house and drive out the chaff and from the backside shall come winds of glory and waves of splendor.  Behold it is I, says the Lord, and not one stone goes unturned, for I will let the light shine in the darkness and an altar at the cross shall be built again.  Altars where My people shall return.  A fresh work of restoration and times of refreshing will come."

Word given on August 29 2021 - Pastor Stephen Wells

"I know those who labor with Me and I see those who work to grow in Me.  I will reward you who labor and grow, and though others work against you I AM for you, says the Lord."    8/29/21

"In a season of unforeseen blessings - I will bring forth unexpected blooms in My field.  And you should know that the last blooms will be the most glorious, says the Lord."    8/29/21