When we tithe and or provide offerings it is said that we honor God. When we honor God with the first fruits of all our increase, God's word says that our 'barns' will be filled with plenty (fullness & abundance), and our 'vats' will overflow with new wine.  (Proverbs 3:9-10) What is the first fruits of our increase? It is the first portion of any increase we receive.  And God says that when we honor Him with the first portion, meaning the tithe and offerings off the top, before all other bills are paid, THEN He will cause our 'barns,' meaning our places where we 'store' money, (bank accounts, check books, investments, etc) to be filled with plenty. But this only happens when we honor God with the first portion of our increase. What is increase? Increase can be our paycheck, our dividends, birthday money, bonuses, etc. Notice that God is honored when we give to Him first - not second or third or what is left over. God, by no means, is a 'leftover God!' God seeks to be first, pre-imminent, above everything else. And He deserves nothing less.

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