We are hosting "Event Sundays" in place of Seminars at this time... Please see front page of website for dates, TIMES, and venue. ENJOY IN-DEPTH TEACHING ON THESE SPECIAL EVENT SUNDAYS!

Well of Life Ministries - EVENT SUNDAYS

       Our theme-based Event Sundays come packed full of printed workbooks, study helps to guide a person to grow in the knowledge of God and to prosper their souls to live free. We would love for you to be a part of this God ordained initiative and to be a part of bringing God's kingdom power to anyone wanting a better life and to anyone wanting a word relevant to the times we are living in. Come join us and experience the teaching ministry of Well of Life.

Come Expecting...

We welcome God's presence into every meeting
  • Praise & Worship  
  • Power-Packed Teaching Sessions
  • Great Fellowship
  • Prayer / Personal Ministry / Prophetic Ministry
  • Study Materials
  • Children's Ministry Provided

about us

Revs. Stephen and Karen Wells are founders of Well of Life Ministries, Inc. located in Katy, Texas. They have served together in ministry as husband and wife for over twenty years. Their heart's desire is to impart the principles and truths found in God's word to see people set free. Their work in ministry includes an extensive library of cd's, booklets, and study guides all designed and produced by them to aid the believer in gaining the fullness of God's message to them.