The Holy Spirit Speaks an Analogy

For the Times We Are In - Pastor Stephen

January 1, 2021

Prophetic word given 12/14/21 by Pastor Karen Wells

"This is a season where the thief is found out and where fraud and deceit are exposed.  It shall sweep through God's house and drive out the chaff and from the backside shall come winds of glory and waves of splendor.  Behold it is I, says the Lord, and not one stone goes unturned, for I will let the light shine in the darkness and an altar at the cross shall be built again.  Altars where My people shall return.  A fresh work of restoration and times of refreshing will come."

End of August word  Pastor Stephen Wells

"I know those who labor with Me and I see those who work to grow in Me.  I will reward you who labor and grow, and though others work against you I AM for you, says the Lord."    8/29/21

"In a season of unforeseen blessings - I will bring forth unexpected blooms in My field.  And you should know that the last blooms will be the most glorious, says the Lord."    8/29/21